App Meditation and More

This English app includes various meditation and relaxation exercises. There are 2 exercises for free. Youth and adults can use this app to find some peace in the busy life.

You can buy the exercises separately for € 0.99 each but the exercises are to purchase for only € 5.99 in one sale. You then have all current and future exercises for this amount.

You can listen to the exercise one time, before you decide to purchase the exercise.

Colour Meditation: (free)

In your mind you fill your body with the colours of the chakras.

Energy: (free)

You make a ball of energy between your hands. You give energy to your body.

Total Body Scan:

Every part of your body you feel and let go. Until you are completely relaxed.


You imagine that you pick up energy from the earth through the roots from your hands and feet.

Breathing and Relaxation:

You let the breath go through your body. Also, you tighten your muscles and relax.

Mudraset for Energy:

These are hand postures that bring the energy in balance.

Cleansing Meditation:

A purifying liquid flows through your body. All impurities are absorbed and filtered.

Forest Meditation:

In your mind you walk in a forest and you become completely relaxed with sounds of the forest.

Space for Yourself:

In your mind you put a dome of tubes over you to make space for yourself.

Click here for the app in the App Store  or Google Play.

When you can’t find the app in the stores with the links above, you can surch on “Meditation and More” and “Sandra Diependaal”.

I hope you will relax!

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